Carmen works hard to find a wide selection of designer, silhouettes, and sizes that will appeal to the modern, pricy-savvy bride. Our highly-trained staff creates a world-class customer service experience for all of our clients, whether in our fitting room, on our social media sites, or in our virtual boutique. Our extensive marketing and networking efforts will help sell your gown faster and at a higher price point than what you can do on your own.

Your time is valuable.....YES IT IS!!

you want to sell a gown but don't want to deal with the work of finding and contacting potential buyers. And once that is accomplished, where do you meet them, where do you plan a fitting? Most are reluctant to meet in a stranger's home, and the alternative of trying on a bridal gown in the restroom of Starbucks or Panera is a tragedy waiting to happen.

If you are interested in getting your gown sold quickly and easily, Carmen's is the right place.

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